Why the hell am I starting another blog?

It’s a good question, I know. The fact is, with all of the professional writing I’ve done over the last five years, I haven’t really had a personal blog in a long time. I’ve been dying for a place where I can come and post whatever bullshit is on my mind. Yes, I know social media is good for that sort of thing, but sometimes nothing beats a good long form post.

So, here’s what to expect from this blog (and we know what a dangerous trap that is, right? The first blog post is often the last.):

  • Political and philosophical maunderings
  • Drunken rants
  • Photos of things I take pictures of
  • Hungover rants
  • Poetry? Who knows, it’s happened.

Follow along if you want to. Ignore it if not. Doesn’t really matter to me either way.


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